Consistency is the Best Supplement

Consistency is the Best Supplement

Jul 9, 2013

Often times we fitness hobbyists get caught up in a lot of diet and exercise chest thumping. Countless man hours spent and keys stroked debating such topics as:

Stronglifts or Starting Strength?
Keto? Paleo? Carb cycling?
Incline or decline bench press?
1 gram of protein per pound? or 1.5?

For all of you thinking about beginning an exercise routine and diet plan, I am about to end all this A or B debating right here. Are you ready? Here’s the answer:


It’s all good stuff, but none of it will matter without consistency. Just pick one exercise program and one diet and stick to it. Plan out your meals and workout times well in advance and do not deviate from them. Ask questions and make adjustments when necessary.

After all, fitness and dieting isn’t just about “getting healthy”. It’s also about developing the character and skill set necessary to set a goal, make a plan, and follow it through to fruition. There will come a time when your current methods no longer serve your purposes, but you will only recognize it after you’ve grown familiar with the workings of your meat machine.

Whether or not you are interested in bodybuilding, I urge you to watch the above documentary of Kai Greene. I myself am not particularly interested in reaching those levels of musculature, but there is one very important lesson that was made very to me clear in just the first 20 minutes:

Kai Greene: A Day in the Life

You body is a physical reflection of your lifestyle and your lifestyle is the culmination of your habits. Get a diet and exercise routine on autopilot and reaching your goals will just be a matter of persistence.

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  1. simplin /

    this is very true. I am trying to get fit and I find myself obsessing about the best way to do it. Reading different sources and websites leaves you feeling confused, carbs or no carbs, diary or no diary, etc. same with training, HIIT or should i be doing heavy lifting, squats.

    It is a form of procrastination on my part and I recognise it in other facets of my life as well. I try to tell myself to just do something for a fixed period initially and the direction will evolve


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