Only white knights, women and feminists objectify women

Only white knights, women and feminists objectify women

Jul 9, 2013

Dear Feminists and Women,

How are you? It’s me, redpillschool. Just checking up on things. Oh myself? I’m not doing so well. Another person just tried to shame me for enjoying my sexuality. I know, it’s pretty bad that we live in a society that encourages this. According to you, only stupid women have sex with me. I wonder if you’d say that to their face? I mean, she was just enjoying her sexuality. Something you feminists appear to be in favor for. Why are you being discriminating?

I wanted to talk to you about objectification of women really quickly. It’s upsetting because I love women and would hate to see anybody treat one like less than a person. But it seems feminists are doing a great job of this as of late.

Let’s address the word object. Objects have no agency. They cannot act for themselves. They can only be acted upon. I pick up a coffee mug and put it in the dishwasher. It is an object and cannot put itself in the dishwasher.

Let’s talk about agency, the opposite of being an object. This is important. I have agency. Tomorrow I can decide whether to go swimming, or read a book. It’s my choice. I have an active role in my future. Nobody can tell me what I can and cannot do. I am an agent.

Feminists used to be pretty upset at the idea that anybody would objectify women. This was the concept that women have no agency, and instead do only what other people act upon them. If I want a woman in the kitchen cleaning my coffee mug, I put her there and she does it.

Well gosh that sounds terrible.

Feminism agrees! Women aren’t objects. They should never be treated as such.

So feminism, I have to ask. Why do you keep acting like women are objects and not agents?

Feminists keep telling me I’m disgusting, that I’m wrong and evil.. because I trick women into sleeping with me.

But feminists- you were the one who told me women are people and make grown up decisions for themselves! Are you saying that women are incapable of saying no?

I just don’t get it. I’m trying to understand. Why would you deny women agency?

I have never had sex with somebody who didn’t want to have sex with me. I respected their wishes because they are people. They’re people with personalities and agency.

But you criticise them saying they are objects- that they have no agency! That they are tricked and manipulated, but have no active role in deciding who to have sex with.

How could that possibly be? If I am handsome and they are attracted, is that a trick? Or do you think I lie and say I’m a doctor? Would that be enough to “trick” somebody into sex? What if I told you I was a millionaire and a doctor, and I help children? Are you “tricked” into sex with me yet?

You’re skeptical. You don’t think I’m a doctor and millionaire. I’m betting you just decided reading this letter that you don’t think you’d have sex with me. But.. if you made that decision.. as an adult person with agency…

why would you deny other women the right to make the same decision?

Do you think most women are incapable of critical thought? Do you truly believe that if I lie about being a doctor that somehow absolves a woman of her right to choose, and her responsibility to verify? I wouldn’t lie about being a doctor, it doesn’t even make sense! Women wouldn’t have sex with me because I’m rich- they’re just not that shallow. I don’t understand why you’d assume women are so simple that we can just use some magic cheat code on women and get them in the sack! They’re people!

Feminists, I don’t get why you objectify women. It just seems wrong. It’s the 21st century, and I feel like you’re behind the times. An adult woman can make decisions for herself, we don’t need some big bad woman-group telling the little woman she can’t make decisions. That objectification seems like something we should push against. We should start a group that represents the interest of women.

Because feminism, you objectify women, and they’re people. So stop.


Red Pill School

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RedPillSchool is the head moderator of the forum and and a fantastic saxophone player.

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  1. James /

    I really like this post. But before this post, I had a different interpretation on what it means to “objectify a woman”. I was under the impression that I am objectifying a woman if I see a beautiful woman and I think “wow she is hot”. But here’s the kicker….THAT’S OK!

    In fact, it’s expected because my brain is hard-wired to be biologically attracted to a nice looking woman. On the flip side, women objectify men based on his success/confidence. That too is ok, because that is how her brain is biologically wired.

    So maybe I am wrong, that objectification is not the right word to describe what I do when I see a hot girl. Either way, what I am doing it is still ok and normal, thanks to evolution (or God’s design if that’s your flavor). Besides, I don’t give a f*** about butthurt feminists.

  2. moeloehoe /

    Women are incapable of making such decisions alone. That is why they always have their femake friends to ask for advice. Not that those inbred broads would know better in a group.

    A Man has to lead. Don’t get it twisted though, rape is a crime whether from a male to a female or vice versa. Women lack the capacity of making such decisions on their own that is why so many young femals cry “rape” after they had sex that they wanted. Because it’s yOU (the guys) that have to make her feel secure for that and not cry “rape” afterwards.

    Women have never and can never take responsibilities on their own, history prooves that.

    So long.

    Nice new Blog btw.

  3. You can’t get rid of thousands of years of evolution in just 50 odd years or so. Women have, for a long time in history, not been free agents and whose fate has always been tied to men – men they were born to, men they were married to or bonded to, and men who were born to them. Women are not used to making decisions and being held accountable for those decisions – it has always been “fate” or the decision making of those around them. They want to be their own agents, but recognise that they are not totally comfortable with it, particularly that part where they have to suffer any consequences – hence the need to “group think” and have other women verify for them that their deicions are sound – similarly, they feel they have an obligation to “help” other women make decisions.

  4. protagonist /

    Checkmating feminist “logic”… it really IS that damn simple. Cheers RPS.

  5. Jai Dudge /

    > If I want a woman in the kitchen cleaning my coffee mug, I put her there and she does it.

    Best quote of all time, so stealing and quoting out of context.

  6. TheKnowerseeker /

    Objectifying a person is viewing or thinking of a person as an object instead of a soul.

    If you look at a female and think “Wow, I want to bone that hot piece of flesh”, then you are objectifying, whereas if you think “My, that *woman* is very attractive; I would like to make love with her”, then you are not objectifying. Again, if you want to bang a woman without caring about how it will affect her emotionally/psychologically (her soul), or if it will produce unwanted children or pass on an STD, then you are objectifying the woman (and your children, as unwanted byproducts).

    On the other hand, feminists objectify men all the time, because they do not care if their conduct affects the emotions or psychological health of any man, nor do they care about the welfare of men in general.

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