The Masculine Fantasy

The Masculine Fantasy

Jul 9, 2013

James Bond. Tony Soprano. Sherlock Holmes. Batman. Captain Kirk. John Wayne. Jason Bourne. Indiana Jones.

These names are synonymous with one ideal, a “fantasy” of masculinity that is thought to be unreachable. A fictitious icon that has the confidence and competency to win in any situation. A hyper masculine archetype that always gets the girl. Men have been drawn to these characters for generations because they reflect what we all want, but are no longer taught how to achieve. Through the puerarchy we are going to share this seemingly lost knowledge. The knowledge of what it takes to embrace that testosterone coursing through your veins and put it to work for you – and only you. No longer will we be a workhorse for anyone else. No longer will we put up with ridiculous demands and childish temper tantrums. We will pursue the Masculine Fantasy and make it a reality. Why shouldn’t we succeed and spend our time and money as we please? Why shouldn’t we always get the girl instead of being relegated to monogamy or worse?

As this knowledge spreads like wildfire we are only going to see more and more men opt out of the whirling cogs of our post-feminist society and join us in the pursuit of the Masculine Reality. Smoke cigars, ride motorcycles, go out with 3 women in a day, shoot guns, lift heavy things at odd hours, jump out of a plane, or spend your disposable income on something “dumb.” It doesn’t matter anymore. Maybe we’ll wear tuxedos, or maybe we’ll wear tuxedo t-shirts but one thing is for certain – no woman is going to pick out our clothes for us. No woman is going to nag us if we stay out all night. No woman is going to have any significant power over us because she knows she will be replaced immediately. The Masculine Reality dictates that we do as we desire and society be damned. Your life is in your hands and you are beholden to no one. With a brotherhood of puerarchs at your back you will be armed with the information and accountability to live life however you see fit. We’ll keep standards high, and complaining low, and instead of pandering to the lowest common denominator we’ll demand he rises to our level or be stricken from the tribe.

Heading into what seems like new territory brings its own set of questions, and some of them we see time and time again are: What about my morals? My honor? My character? Morality is subjective and this is no different. While we won’t advocate murder or rape, nearly everything else is fair game. At the end of the day you have to live with the choices you make, and there is a metric ton of gray area to work with. You define your own code of honor. You define what sort of man you want to be. Seduce a poor beta’s girlfriend? Par for the course. Take credit for someone else’s idea? Another day at the office. If society no longer wants to reward us for walking the straight and narrow we’ll carve out our own way, and they’re not going to like where this path leads. We’ll maximize our happiness and decide where our own moral compass points. We’ll show society just what happens when the State seeks to take away the natural roles of masculinity and then attempts to re-label the responsibilities as privileges.

For decades we have been told that our mere existence as men somehow puts us above everyone else. For generations our fathers, brothers, and sons have been told how lucky they are to enjoy their male privilege. It is time we all become guilty of our supposed crimes. It is time we blaze a trail that will be talked about for centuries to come. It is time we use every tool in our significant arsenal to get ahead in this world. It is time to live the Masculine Reality. Let’s show them what it means to be a man. Let’s show them what happens when the leashes of society are torn asunder. Let’s show them that they were right all along.

Let’s show them how dangerous we really are.

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  1. “Jason Bourne”

    Frankly, during last episode of his saga half of the time I was wondering “why is he not even trying to fuck that lady doctor?”

  2. You forgot one man who’s fucking awesome too, and is on the pantheon right nex to James Bond. This is Tyler Durden.

  3. It’s still fun to watch these icons of masculinity in the movies. They tend to be loners and mavericks, at best having a sidekick or trusted companion. But in real life we can do better having a team…of fellow “puerarchs”? New meme alert

    • Richard /

      i’m not so sure about that, because the more strong minded a man is, the more competitive he is, and therefore the less he tends to enjoy the company of other men….

      that’s exactly why the true alpha is a loner and seeks solace in multiple pussys on an almost daily basis, because he is like a soldier… he lives and dies on his own ability and he is happy to live and die alone, because he knows that true peace lies within, not in a world of chummies and wingmen….

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