Shame, Shame, Shame

Shame, Shame, Shame

Jul 11, 2013

Well folks, it didn’t take long before the hate train arrived at the station. Here we are on day two after our launch, and boy has it been an interesting two days so far!

We have been shamed!

This is highly indicative of the very mechanisms we’ve already been observing that feminists and white knights use to try to prop up their cultural vision and narrative.

And it’s ironic. Because the shaming was done on a post declaring “you’ve been using too many shame tactics, we no longer care.”

I’ll pick out just one or two of my favorites, but you get the idea:


“Manchild.” The consistency of these shaming techniques is actually quite intriguing to me. I made yesterday’s post┬áspecifically stating that men have been withdrawing from our society- in other words, not providing value to society at large, in part due to shaming – and the shame begins: you’re not real men. Real men don’t complain about this stuff. Real men man-up.

Whoops! Didn’t quite read the post?


This one made the cut because it’s hilarious.

What has been written on this site, in the manosphere, and on TheRedPill is upsetting. It’s counter-cultural and has dire implications about our economy and our futures. It may sound a bit silly to say this, but people don’t like hearing things they don’t like hearing. And when they do, they can either mull it over and really think about it, or they can protect their ego investment by denying any of it could be true, and leave a snarky comment to help ease their mind.

Folks, this is all they’re bringing to the table.

“What’s that? Withdrawing from society you say? Well we didn’t want you anyway!”

No shit.


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