Fitness is the Base of My Game

Fitness is the Base of My Game

Jul 22, 2013

Every Halloween in Tokyo for the past three years, I’ve dressed up as a lifeguard complete with super short shorts, aviator sunglasses, no shirt, and my nose painted white. You may call me unimaginative, but I’m a cheap bastard from a warm climate and I’ll take every chance I can get to bask in attention while I stroll around in public with as little clothing as socially acceptable. Since most dudes don’t have the nuts to stroll around a party semi-nude, the costume has been a hit wherever I went, year after year.

The first two years I donned my trusty lifeguard costume, back when I had the body of an asexual Asian teenager, I received about the same amount of attention from gay dudes as I did from women. The only thing was it was obvious that only the gay dudes wanted to bang my little Asian bottom. I quickly realized that most of the chicks just wanted to take a picture of the funny looking dude in the red shorts so they could post it on Facebook when they ran away before I could ask, “S-s-so what’s your name?” Back in those days of no-game hell, when I thanked my lucky stars when a girl let me park my beef bus in her tuna garage, I figured putting up with the odd sexual advance from a man was better than being completely invisible to women. Also, it gets really hot and uncomfortable when you’re dancing to electro club jams in a polyester Pikachu suit.

Last Halloween was different. I had been practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu heavily for about two years, and an interest in improving my performance caused me to optimize my diet. I had also recently begun barbell training to improve my explosive strength. I arrived at that year’s costume party with broad grappler’s shoulders and a narrow waist. Even though I weighed a mere 132 lbs at the time, the difference in reaction was stark. I felt hands running across my shoulders after I posed with slutty nurses for a picture. Apropos of nothing, a tart in cat ears and a mini-skirt pressed her body against mine and said, “Meow!” One sexy witch just stood in front of me, transfixed by my midsection as whatever it was I was saying went in one of her ears and out the other, periodically reaching out to touch my abs.  All of these interactions (and more) were sexually charged, and better still, the gay dudes didn’t even have a chance to get in between all the drunk chicks pawing at me. I had unwittingly turned myself into an object of sexual desire.

Unfortunately, I was still too gameless at the time to capitalize but the experience was valuable nonetheless.  Here I was, getting loads of sexual attention, without displaying any semblance of charisma or confidence, just by being conspicuously fit in an environment where loud music, anonymity provided by costumes, and booze stripped away the usual pretenses of modern male-female interaction.  I learned first hand that the ancient, natural forces that selected for broad shouldered men with powerful legs and narrow waists still exist, and you’d be a fool to ignore them.

The lesson did not turn into resolve until I stumbled into /r/theredpill, subsequently devoured Rollo Tomassi’s blog archives, and came across this post.  Here, Tomassi put what I had experienced that night into words and gave me my new approach to getting laid:

“There is a popular misconception men adopt in thinking that ‘looks aren’t as important for women’ and that they’re more forgiving of a few extra pounds if a guy is witty, humorous and/or embodies some combination of the laundry list of nonsensical adjectives they place on their online dating profiles. This is the male version of the body image acceptance social convention women have been promoting themselves for the past 50 years. Don’t worry about getting in shape; money, humor and confidence will make any woman swoon for you. If this were the case the Louie Andersons and Danny Devitos of the world would be swimming in top-shelf poon. I have no doubt that very rich, but out of shape men have a relatively easy time attracting women, but they can’t make a woman genuinely desire to fuck him on a physical level.”

In the past 10 months, I’ve only become fitter and stronger, which naturally lead to becoming more confident as well. This in turn sped the development of my game to the point where I don’t even worry about where my next lay will come from. Game, after all, is the technique behind sexual strategy and just like any activity that involves the body, a man with a solid athletic base can pick up technique far more quickly than a couch potato. Imagine two boxers practicing their left hooks: one is a former football player, the other a former Xbox player. Who do you think will be knocking people out first? Game is the same. The man with the impressive physique will acquire the technique and the confidence to physically escalate at a faster rate than the Micheal Moore look alike.

Game, by most popular estimates, is 90% internal (confidence and mindset) and 10% external (lines, routines, etc.) I firmly believe that improving physical fitness, specifically heavy resistance training and a proper diet, is the fastest way to develop internal game. Sure, you can spend months grinding away at approaches in bars and nightclubs every day, sacrificing your health while you slowly master the tightrope walk that balances her physical lack of desire for your neglected body with your ability to push her psychological attraction buttons. Or, you can apply a strength program and a little consistency to (literally) lift yourself into a Greek sculpture of masculinity. Then, put yourself near receptive ladies and let human nature guide you through the wonders of game.

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RedSunBlue is an active member of /r/theredpill currently based in Tokyo, Japan. He often posts musings about life as a single man in Asia at his personal blog,

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  1. whiskey_bearfist /

    I admit to having been seduced by the rationalization of “women don’t care about looks as much as guys.” Your analogy of talent and skill rings especially true for me as I have seen it first hand while playing team sports.

    the takeaway is that even if a guy disagrees on the amount of importance a woman places on male looks, he cannot deny that it would behoove him to maximize his physical attractiveness if he wants a surefire way to increase SMV.

    Good post.

    • Of course looks and fitness matters. Women’s sexual mating strategy is predicated on getting the best possible “alpha” genes they can manage. As such it stands to reason that looks and fitness (manifestations of good genetics) would play a large part of a man’s overall attractiveness.

  2. Lifter-Bro /

    Great post. Ten minutes ago I just had a an older lady in my office stay I have the “All-American look.” I sure as hell didn’t get that before I gained 20 pounds.

    I’m curious though, how tall are you? I’m having picturing a 132 pound muscular dude.

    • Height doesn’t really matter if you’re muscular, and here’s why:

      Women say height matters, so much so it’s normally pretty close to the top of their mile long checklists, but as soon as you pick them up and spin them around you’ll see a change. Not only is that kind of physical rapport break a buying temperature spike, it also tends to hit the safety and protector buttons that height typically evokes.

      Women don’t like tall men for the sale of them being taller, they like the way tall men *make them feel*. It’s all about instincts. Evoke those emotions, aka “attraction switches”, and you’re golden.

    • RedSunBlue /

      I’m somewhere between 5’9″ and 5’10″. It’s important to also note that I was absolutely shredded at that time. I took skin fold caliper measurements that said I was ~4% bodyfat.

      • spunky /

        interesting that you were that ripped at the weight for your height. You must be a small frame person,like how big are your wrists? Since they corralate with how much muscle you can put on.
        less than 6.5 is small
        6.5-7.5 inches is medium
        and any larger than 7.5 is large

  3. I personally don’t see fitness as a part of one’s overall “game”. The way I see it, overall attractiveness is an amalgamation of fashion, fitness, game, and status. Out of all of that, game accounts for a small percentage of the total. However, a lack of game or absolutely terrible social skills can easily ruin the whole thing. (one bad apple…)

    Improve your fitness, dress sharp, cultivate status (and structure your social circles around it), and hit the gym. That’s my holistic approach for self-improvement these days. Game is just a tiny part of the whole, but holy hell can it matter when things are off.

    • RedSunBlue /

      It’s definitely not active game, but since your state of health has such a huge impact on how you carry yourself, I like to refer to fitness as “passive game”, things that get you female attention whether or not you’re consciously trying. Fashion would also fall under the same classification.


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