Day 3. Say No

Day 3. Say No

Aug 6, 2013

If you’re following the plan as you should be, today is your day off from your workout. (unless you’re on M-W-F schedule, in which case carry on).

Today’s exercise is simple. Say no.

We all have women in our lives who we have previously attempted to engage romantically, with no luck. Yet, they manage to stay in our lives. Maybe on facebook. Maybe at work. Maybe at home. Maybe in your group of friends.

Today, if any of them approach you for a favor. Anything as simple as “hold my purse” or “can you help me with…” just say no.

Do not give an excuse. Do not try to smooth this over. Just say no. If they ask why, just say “I’m busy, sorry.”

Learning to say no takes practice. As you become good at it, your Yes will become more powerful.

Document your experiences here in the comments.

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