Day 4. Talk

Day 4. Talk

Aug 6, 2013

Talk to 10 people.

This should be easy. You’re already going to the gym today. There are plenty of people there.

Today you will talk to 10 people that you do not know. Conversations should last around 30 seconds (if not longer).

This will be easy for some of you. This might even be a normal day for some of you. Heck, some of you surpass 10 easily.

Learning to be a source of confidence is part of becomming a man.

Much like seddit encourages approaching women regularly, we will learn to break down any anxiety about talking to strangers at all. Men or women, you will have a conversation with 10 people today.

Here are some easy ones to get you started:

Talk about the game with guys at the gym. Talk about your difficulty in food choice with people in grocery store aisles. Talk about something funny in the news with somebody at the bar.

This might seem like basic shit. And it is. But unless you can do it, and be sure you can, then you cannot become a man.

For the introverts: Doesn’t matter. Deal with the anxiety. Part of being a man is doing what needs to be done even when you don’t like it.

If you haven’t gotten the book yet, you’re running out of time.

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