Chivalry is a Beta Move, Right?

Chivalry is a Beta Move, Right?

Aug 23, 2013

Chivalry. We’re all aware of the basic idea, opening a door for a girl, letting her exit the elevator first, pulling out her chair, etcetera… Now as far as I’m aware, this is the general consensus within the Manosphere:

Chivalry is about as Beta as you get. No. It’s worse than Beta…. It’s Omega. Chivalry is what “nice guys” do. And we all know what happens to… “nice guys”.

I’m here to dispel this theory. Or at least, offer a counter point of view.
The Origin of Chivalry

Contrary to popular belief, Chivalry is not about being every woman on earth’s personal manservant. Well, it wasn’t, at least. As Ian Ironwood discussed in this excellent article; The Knights of Chivalry and The Vows of Knighthood were mostly about honour, combat, glory, respect, authority, duty, responsibility, and honesty.

So Chivalry is without a doubt a manly thing. One of the most famous examples of Chivalry is to not stab someone in the back. They should be facing you, sword drawn. I’m fairly confident this is meant both physically and metaphorically.

Problem is, the meaning today has been boiled down to just the one code:

To respect the honour of women.

A quick note to the feminists who believe that that rule was born from times when women were assumed to be “weak and defenceless”:

To protect the weak and defenceless

To give succour to widows and orphans

To fight for the welfare of all

To respect the honour of women.

Notice that, “To protect the weak and defenseless”, and “To respect the honour of women”. Are two different rules.


Chivalry In Society

Look carefully at how this is written: To respect the honour of women. “Enhance,” says the main protagonist to the tech-guy in NCIS.

To respect women’s honour. “Enhance,” he says again, adjusting his dark sunglasses.

To respect honourable women. “Now invert it horizontally.”

You don’t have to be chivalrous to bitches.

You can then extend this to, “You don’t have to be chivalrous to girls you don’t know.” Hence doing away with one of the problem Dalrock brought up in this very sarcastically written article on the topic. This is the “all men everywhere must be respectful and chivalrous to all women” myth. It’s bullshit.

So Puerarchs, I know we tend to see Chivalry as… well frankly a lost privilege that these self-entitled feminists simply don’t deserve anymore. But let me put this to you:

Are you respectful to your mates? Well, in the masculine sense of the word, probably. You might greet your wingman with, “Oi there’s that slimy motherfucker! Buy me a drink.” Because that’s how guys communicate.You’re respectful: in a guy way. Asking your mate’s older brother for some Game advice is showing respect. Buying the next round is showing some respect. Offering a ride home is respect. Throwing down in the alley behind the bar over an argument over some perceived foul-play in a Pool game is… Well, it’s not exactly respectful, but it’s Chivalrous in the “challenging a fellow Knight’s Bro’s honour” sense of the word.


But, you’re not like that with guys you’ve just met right? They’ve got become bro’s first. They have to earn respect.
And the same goes for girls. They get respect too (in a different way), and part of that… is Chivalry.


Chivalry In Game

In my humble experience, Chivalry is received very warmly. Even when we get sentiments like the one’s stressed in EverydayFeminism’s article “Why Chivalry Must Die”; the Red Pill fact of the matter is, the hamster has no idea what the fuck it wants. So a girlfriend, just like a normal friend, has to earn Chivalry respect.

But it’s also a reward, a tactic: an Ace up your sleeve, you can whip out at practically any junction.


It is important to remember however, there is a fine line between “manservant” and “gentleman”. The same act of say, pulling out her chair can be perceived as either. At the end of the day it boils down to your persona. Are you a “nice guy” or a fucking gentleman? Do it right and there’ll be a flushing of cheeks, brightened eyes, and a flurry of femininity. You fuck it up and well… Beta.

Pro Tip: If you do decide to play the “pull out her chair” card, make sure you push the chair in as well; even lift it a few inches off the ground in the process if you feel so inclined. Hence the Masculine/Feminine trade off. An act such as you helping her over a puddle on the walkway, her femininity is reacting positively, and any walls of feminist bullshit just melt the fuck away.

So to conclude, Chivalry should be a card in your hand. You keep it close to your chest, save it for the right moment, and finally play the Four of Clubs with the confidence as though it were an Ace of Spades.

 Note: . I’m conducting a poll of the Manospherian’s religious and political affiliations. So if you do consider yourself a Red Piller, please take two seconds to vote here.


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Jai Dudge

Jai Dudge is a regular contributor at and admin of an anti-totalitarian Facebook page, he loves writing (fiction/non-fiction), despises buzzwords, cusses like a sailor, is a self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist, philosopher, and ends everything he writes with..: Cheers.

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  1. GaiusScaevolus /

    Very well said. It’s also worth noting that chivalry was a code for nobles among nobles. The only reason peasants and lower classes were involved is because they were considered part of the noble’s property. Not stealing a friends TV is more in line with the original idea of chivalry than opening a door for a woman.

    • Daniel Reeves /

      Indeed, perhaps it’s just some female solipism that makes them think its all about patronizing them 😉 Cheers.

  2. Brock /

    Chivalry is what an alpha decides it is. If he wants to open the door, he does it because he wants to. Not because he has been conditioned by society to do it because it’s the “right thing” to do.

  3. The most overlooked aspect of chivalry is that it was originally a code for BOTH sexes. Not only did it proscribe behavior for men, but it also proscribed behavior for women. Under chivalry a nobleman was supposed to fight for the defenseless and give relief to the poor and honor women. However, a noblewomen was supposed to support her man, speak up for the defenseless and give relief to the poor and honor men. Any just code for male and female behavior will call upon both sexes to mutually support and help the other. Current conditions arose when one sex takes all the risk and the other all the benefit.

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