Poll Analysis & The Third Option

Poll Analysis & The Third Option

Sep 16, 2013

As you may be aware, I conducted a poll of our readers’ religious and political affiliations. Honestly for no good reason – I was just curious. The results have been interesting. However, I must concede this is not necessarily an accurate representation of the Manosphere.

First off only people who have been to this site would have voted; which is most likely, exclusively, a portion of TheRedPill subreddit. Secondly it was only posted at the end of two of my articles: Chivalry Is A Beta Move, Right? and How Feminism Has Manipulated The English Language & The Concept of Equality. Meaning only people interested in those titles would have clicked and voted. But regardless, we got over 220 participants – so we’re good to go.


I should note, initially there was no “Atheist” option, silly me. Once added the numbers jumped, so that’s what I put the 8% of “Other” down to. Also, the Atheists might have chosen Agnostic as second-best. Regardless, the Atheists and Agnostics added together make up about 50% of the vote.

Second largest is a clear, precedented Christian representation; given the state of the Church this is pleasing. In addition the Catholics are at 4%. Lastly, we’ve got a few Jews, Buddhists, and Islamics; so we can claim “cultural indifference”.

And to the dude who pointed out that the Evolution is a scientific theory not a religious belief… I know it just, it just works easier sticking in that group.


The first thing to note is there is a very clear majority of Libertarians. This is surprising and unsurprising at the same time. I kind of knew there would be an over-representation of them, but I didn’t think they would get 50% of the vote. But back to these guys in a second.

Secondly, it’s interesting to note that there is a fairly even spread of Democratic Left & Democratic Right. At 12% and 16% the conservatives have the lead; unsurprising as though as when I think feminism, I think Progressives. Nevertheless it’s good we’ve got a few Left Wing brethren so that we’re not written off as crazy cracker right wing extremist misogynists.

Good to see we’ve got a few Anarchists too (over-representation too at 5%, but that’s just a guess). The remaining 18 percent is made up of Socialists, Communists, Dictatorship, Monarchy, and “Other”. I probably should have added that those first four didn’t mean that you are the dictator. But I understand support of the Monarchal system.


The Third Option

A lot of people seem to think Libertarianism are just “Conservatives under thirty”. This is simply not true (also, shame tactic anyone?). I’m fairly sure Fascism is the extreme of Conservatism. Besides, Libertarianism already has it’s own extreme: Anarchy. The reason I’m bringing this all up is because I have a theory for the Libertarian over-representation, it’s a concept called The Third Option. Here’s the framework:
  • Option 1 is the Popular Opinion, it’s prevalent in Hollywood and mainstream media
  • Option 2 is the Popular Counter-Opinion
  • The 3rd Option is a fairly Unpopular Opinion
  • Option 4 is “I don’t Give A Fuck”, but often defaults to Option 1 upon questioning

Take Gender Equality for example: Most people don’t give a fuck, they take the 4th option. Feminism is the 1st Option, it’s popular and well-established. Men’s Rights is the counter to feminism, in it’s specific case: it’s small, established, and heavily shamed.

The Red Pill is a Third Option. No activism, bitching, winging, moaning or evangelism. It’s just Observation & Adaption. And yet we accept everyone. Victim? I’m so sorry for you. A Puerarch? Go do your sexy thing. Just no one force their opinion down our throats. Please. Seriously. Not to say you can’t be both MRA and TRP, many of us are. The last thing I want to do is stereotype us all.

The Third Option is a philosophy of “Just do whatever the fuck you want, and do it well” – in essence. And this is my theory for why we’re 50% Libertarians. Because a philosophy is a blanket concept, it spills over into everything else. Of course I’m not saying you have to be Libertarian – evidently you don’t. The Red Pill is simply knowledge, knowledge is amoral; a white knight could be reading RP literature just to learn how argue with us better. Who knows.

Anyway, I’ll let you guys draw more conclusions and theories for yourself. And thank you all who participated in the poll, we got far more responses than anticipated. And if you haven’t already, you still can vote here.


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Jai Dudge

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  1. Kartik Jain /

    I’m really surprised Buddhist is only 3%. I’d expect it closer to 30 since its the fastest growing religion in US, Canada, UK, Australia and Western Europe.

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