Become a Man

The Puerarchy roughly translates to: The Rule of Boys. While we use the term ironically to indicate a change in the social and cultural climate, we are inevitably using the term loosely to discuss the redefinition of what it means to be a man in today’s culture.

Because so many of us started out in life with feminism and popular media telling us what men should do and how men should act, it’s hard to find a real identity once you realize that a good portion of “manning-up.”

That’s why we decided at /r/theredpill to come up with a 6-month program for helping internalize the red pill and manosphere ideas, helping you become a man with your own identity. Our goals are to help you build stronger: Confidence, Muscle, Conversational Repertoire, Relationships with Friends, Relationships with Women, Sense of Self, and Sense of Humor.

Get started now!

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